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The Total Gym Saga:

Hey Everyone!

So, I am sick and tired of being overweight. This is not the body I am meant to have. I feel sick, tired an sore all the time so after trying many different diet supplements and diets and trying to exercise on my own at home, I decided I am going to get something to really help me work out.

After some research I decided what I wanted was a Total Gym. After further research I decided I could actually get the best deal from Walmart. Now this is not a place I normally shop at all. But, I reasoned that with buying online I wouldn't have to deal with the massive lines or the rude cashiers and all over crappy customer service that typically make me avoid the place all together.

I was lucky enough to have found the Total Gym 1900  which has most of the same specs and accessories as their newest model ( the Total Gym Fit) without having to pay the whopping $1,500.00 price tag that one comes with and in fact because they carried 2 different sets I could save an extra 50 bucks by getting the model with fewer exercise DVDs.

I placed my order on the 23rd of November and it was scheduled to arrive at my house on December 1st.

Being spoiled by Amazon, the wait was almost unbearable, so I checked multiple times a day for status updates and shipping notifications that never came. Processing. They should call it purgatory.

On Monday November 30th, Freaking out about the lack of status update and the fact that it now said the machine I ordered was out of stock, I finally called Walmart to ask if anyone knew what was going on. I actually got ahold of a very nice customer service rep who informed me that she was also not seeing any status update and that what usually happens is after a month or so in processing the order would be cancelled and I will have waited for nothing. 

I nicely asked her If I could perhaps order the other kit since the price had dropped and maybe they could upgrade the shipping so I could still get the gym on time. She actually agreed and told me that I would have to order while on the phone with her so she could do that.

Now, I know it's stupid and that it was my second mistake but I actually felt bad that the one day shipping would have cost 87 dollars when the standard shipping was supposed to arrive on the third anyway for only 5 bucks. I could wait one extra day right? So I ordered it with the standard shipping. As if rewarding me for my generosity the customer service rep actually lowered the price of the replacement so I would only be paying what I had originally agreed.

So I was stoked. I was getting my gym almost on time and getting a few bonuses for my wait. Sweet.

Only it's Friday. I have basically been on house arrest all week waiting for this package that was supposed to come Tuesday, and then Wednesday, then Thursday, and now Friday but the last update from FedEx was yesterday at 5:30pm in South Carolina.

I suppose it is possible that it could still show up by 8pm tonight but with no updates it is driving me bananas. 

Anyway one it does finally arrive I plan on doing an unboxing video and then taking pictures of myself everyday to see if you can really lose weight with only exercise. 

I think you can, though the internet says otherwise. I don't think having people walk on a treadmill as their only exercise for 20 minutes 3 days a week counts as proof that exercise doesn't work so we shall see.

Sorry in advance for the before pictures, I know I've gotten kind of gross.

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