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Hey everybody! 

Long time no hear. I know, I suck at this. 

So many things going on lately it's been making my head spin. But lucky you I stopped by to see how things are going, catch you up on what is coming soon and let you in on some of te things that have been happening lately, like this stuff.

Ok, What smells like the inside of a bong, tastes, feels and smells like resin but isn't illegal anywhere and it supposed to be a superfood? 

Shilajit apparently. 

So I recently got to try some from a company called PurBlack and I have to say it has done something pretty important for me.

I am a born and bred insomniac. Seriously I can't fall asleep sometimes for days on end (8 is the maximum 4 is about average) and while this has not actually helped with that at all.. it has helped make living with it more bearable.

I have been taking this by rolling up a small ball of it and swallowing it like a pill every day. I suck at taking stuff so I always forget and never take things at the same time but morning or night hasn't seemed to make much difference.

The big achievement has really been in the morning. Due to my lack of sleep and the fact that have 3 kids who don't know the meaning of the words "sleep in" I am perpetually tired and cranky and "getting awake" usually requires a couple hours of silence and a couple cups of coffee.

Since I started taking this though I have been waking up without my children yelling at each other or them even being up for that matter for no particular reason. Moreover I actually feel awake without being up for many hours chugging caffeine.

My temperament has been more mellow over all and people are saying it looks like I have lost weight but I think it is actually just an improvement of my posture from getting what amounts to more real rest overnight.

There have been a few instances of basically hyper realistic dreams for example I woke up and checked the tracking on my total gym and it was finally updated with all the tracking info from place to place and saying it was out for delivery that day which was actually a day early after hearing nothing all week about it. I dosed back off and when I woke up again I decided to check and see which company was bringing it so I could make a more educated guess on the time it would arrive and there had been no update at all. The order was still in processing, had never changed it was all a dream.

That would be kind of freaky if I had any real place I needed to be and it may be more of a side effect of my constant sleep dep and my excitement and anxiety about my gym showing up then this actual supplement but I figured it was worth a mention.

All in all I feel wonderful since I have been taking it and if you can handle the hefty price tag of 

$89 fr 30 grams of the stuff I actually do recommend it and you can buy it here.

PurBlack Shilajit

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