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My thoughts on the Pampers Vox Box

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen from my unboxing video on YouTube, I recently received the Pampers Vox Box for free from Influenster. They asked me to share my thoughts on what was in the package with you so here goes.

They sent me a new formulation of Pampers diapers to test. See they created a diaper that does not sag by dividing the absorbent part in to chambers instead of just being dumped in one lump sum.

The verdict? Well, it does work. Even soaked and loaded it was hardly noticeable. On one hand that is an effective way to keep the mess in the diaper and looks more comfortable for the kid too. On the other hand, it makes it harder to tell if there is a mess in the diaper and do we really want our kids to get comfortable sitting in their own filth?

I am glad Pampers is actually taking steps to improve their products. It just seems like it may be harder to transition to potty training if there is less discomfort in the diaper. What do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Comment below.

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