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Hey everyone! Just putting this out here right from the start. This is Not my Favorite dry shampoo. Also this came in my Glam Voxbox For free and they wanted me to tell you what I think about it.

To it's benefit.. As you can see Clean Freak totally works. I give you my word that I sat here in this spot took a picture then only used clean freak and a comb to get these results. on top of that the last time I washed my hair was when I got this new L'oreal Oil shampoo stuff on... let me check... yeah Friday so 6 days ago. I really hate washing my hair. With the new bangs though my avoidance is well, difficult to say the least and dry shampoo has for me become an absolute necessity.

Another thing this product has going for it is a low price. My current favorite costs 4 times what this brand does. 

A toss up point is the fact that this is unscented Try as I might I can't figure out if there is a scented version but the one I got isn't. As a result on the plus side it doesn't cover up or blend into any sents of other hair products but on the negative it also won't give you a fresh scent after a sweaty workout.

I can feel this more when I touch my hair then I can with my favorite product. I am not really sure if that is enough of a difference to pay 4 times this amount for. Probably not.