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Loot Crate!!

Ok, Ok I know I messed up with this one but I have been getting Loot Crate for the past 2 months. I've actually cancelled ALL of my other subscriptions except Birch Box which I have already paid for the year on. 

I got this subscription to start with because well, they had a Deadpool crate and I LOVE Deadpool. Well thanks to the new movie a lot of the boxes had DP so I actually signed up for 3 different subscriptions. Loot Crate, Nerd Block and Geek Fuel but once I got them I found the other two lacking. I did not think myself a brand whore or even someone who even remotely cared whether things were 'real' or not until I compared those three boxes. I guess it matters more that I thought when it comes to toys and clothes with popular characters. All of the items that came in Loot Crate were licensed. This means they actually had the real image of the character and were well made. The T Shirts were what really sold me. They were comfortable, well made and looked great where as the ones from the other companies were just Meh.

Shortly after I signed up for Loot Crate and before I actually received my first shipment they announced Loot Gaming. I signed up for that too and I'm glad I did since it was sold out before I got my first box. A bit preemptive for sure but I figure the best chance someone has to win the monthly prize is to be in on the very first one while everyone else drags their feet waiting to see how it turns out. 

After I got my first box and Realized how much better it was than any of the others and kicked myself for not signing up for this one sooner they had a sale on the 4 last crates they had so I bought 2 of those... and then went back and bought one more. I reasoned that the part of each one I really wanted was selling individually for the price of the crate or more so I might as well grab them.

As if that wasn't enough I had also grabbed the level up wearable right from the beginning too. Then yesterday I get an email about the new Loot Crate DX and after much internal debate I went ahead and signed up for that one too since it seems like it's set to include a lot more useful products. So very long story not really made any shorter I will be having a lot of goodness to put up this month alone and in the months that follow. I Stupidly didn't even photograph the stuff I have gotten already so you will have to appease yourselves with my unboxing videos for now Plus this sideways pic of me in my Spock shirt from this months crate.