Ugh, I totally always get the worst possible screenshots.

Ok things I didn't already say... It seems to me that Keurig may be rebranding some of their older models to make up for the backlash of the 2.0 K cup debacle.

This is the only reason I can see for them releasing this to influensters especially with the new Keurig Hot branding as opposed to cold of course.

I do have to say this model is my absolute favorite that I've tried. My old Keurig was a mini (R.I.P) and you had to pour your cup of water in every time before you brew yet it still had a 10oz limit. the 2.0 models I've tried lack the simplicity you are really paying for with these types of coffee maker thanks to there being so many settings to scroll through and the hassle of using just the right k cup. I mean yeah I can brew a (lets be honest here, Half) pot of coffee if I buy their special carafe or opt for a "strong" brew as well as having hot water on demand with no cups required but sometimes all of that is just a headache.

This one has  water tank, has an on and off button ( lacking in every other model I've seen) has an auto off option. Can brew from any k cup and all you have to do is click the button for the size you want ater dropping in the cup. SOLD!!!!

Keurig K55

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