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  So know I've worked with this company a lot. I'm almost debating giving them their own tab though a get a little tab happy at times. Seriously  though everything I have gotten from Future Sound Labs has been better than  the last.

Ok so I know I've done several Bluetooth speakers in the past but this one has got to be one of my favorites.  What makes it different is it actually has good bass thanks to the "dual bass radiators"  which are some cool little speakers on either side that you can watch dance to the music.  It even has an actual on off switch instead of one of those soft button sensor things that can be accidentally switched on or off.

Like the other Bluetooth speakers I've reviewed it also has the ability to take phone calls as well and given that its Bluetooth 4.0 and set up to use as either an awesome portable speaker or speakerphone you could use it to land a big deal and celebrate it with both.

Most of the things are pretty standard,  including the fact that it charges via micro USB but it does come with awesome paracord wrapped accessories, specifically a charge cord and audio jack to connect things that might not be Bluetooth compatible  to it.

This is a really awesome speaker that I use all the time.  Though honestly it's mostly to drown out the kids while I clean but totally works!

If you would like to check it out for yourself you can do so here.

FSL Prism Bluetooth Speaker