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  So, this may be an odd problem and I may be the only one with it. Let me start out by apologizing if this is a bit hard to read, it's a it hard to write and the script seemed fitting.

‚Äč  Last year my oldest child started school, Kindergarten the first year away. If that wasn't bad enough the school all but conned me into letting my 4 year old start VPK as well. I remember it like it was yesterday though it was all like a blur at the time and I sat stunned felling stripped bare in the parking lot with my last remaining child strapped to the car seat.

  The next few months were incredibly hard. we all had to wake up super early every morning, Get the kids showered and dressed and up to the school by  no later than 7:30am. See the school, while being in the same building, was actually two separate schools. one of them kindergarten and up, the other VPK and down and the VPK started an hour before the kindergarten. Since school policy forbade my eldest child from being in the school before 8:30 they essentially forced me to pay for before and after care for my eldest or hang around outside a school for an hour with a 5 year old and a 2 year old every day.

  To top it off while they both were doing well academically, I had one son throwing a fit every day, crying, saying he wanted t be home with me, while the older ones teacher was complaining that he was tired. Of course he was tired! We all were. It was torture.

  Eventually I gave in and did what I felt was best for everyone and withdrew him from VPK. after all why ruin his opinion of school with a voluntary program when the kid in real school could get more rest and do better. Plus they were giving him homework... in VPK... Mountains of it, more than his brother was getting!

  After a whole year of feeling like my kid is getting singled out He got in trouble for "running around" at PE and for talking in the cafeteria and for singing in the restroom! They also made him miss 2 weeks of school because he needed to wear a band-aid on his finger.

  Anyway its the next year and I was supposed to turn in his enrollment papers last month, the oldest of course doesn't need any because he went there last year. but I've really been dragging my feet on this. My B.O. is outgoing and was popular in school and he is a lot tougher than his brother. He got chewed up and spit out last year. What is it going to do to my poor, sweet little M.O.?? 

  I've been seriously considering home school for the both of them but everyone I have talked to about it just thinks that it's crazy and I shouldn't do it. 

  I don't really know what to do anymore. every answer seems wrong. The worst part about the whole deal is this is kindergarten we are talking about so what is up with that? When did this happen? Why isn't kindergarten fun anymore???

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