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Face Mask Hack

Hey everybody,

I know, it's been forever. Y'all are probably thinking I'm dead or something but surprise I'm back! I've been debating whether or not to tell y'all what happened in my absence but for now I think I'll hold off and instead share with you this cool little hack I came up with to really get the most out of your beauty products

Y'all know I'm cheap right? I try to get everything I can for free but I also try to make the most of things no matter if I paid for it or not. 

So lately I have been totally into sheet masks. As much as I love them those cold wet pieces of awesomeness are realistically outside my budget. Going on average between $2 and $5 a piece they can really add up if you want to use them more often than once a week. 

Now this is not a sponsered post but if you don't mind I am going to leave my refferal link incase you decide to buy anything which gives you 20% off and me $10 to spend on the site so I can try out other things and share them here if y'all are into that sort of thing.

Just click this button and it will help us both out. Other links will be directly to products and will do nothing special.

So I recently heard about a company called MeMeBox and, while I've had a mixed result with dealing with them both the customer service and the products are great though their shipping and accounting for their inventory leave something to be desired, they still have great deals and one of them is what brought me to this epiphany.  Unfortunately, they cycle through those so often one can't experience it and share it for others to buy but they have some good ones right now too so I'll try to link so something compatible. 

you should be able to see                               the deal I got on my face masks just to let you know what is available when you stalk their website often enough. Even though that was a great value I still felt regret at the massive amount of serums left behind in the pouch. Fortunately, I had received a product a while back that totally solved the wasted serum issue and effectively tripled the amount of face masks I had use of.                      clay I got on

Amazon is just the powder to make clay masks with, you add your serums and water and there is your clay mask. 

The whole thing is incredibly simple. Just cut the corner off your sheet mask before use and pour off the excess serum ( I squeeze a little) mix that with an equal amount of water and add clay to it. The result should be a little chunky and a little runny than what you expect. Put a lid on that and let it sit at least overnight The liquid will redistribute in that time and you will end up with a smooth mask that is enough for 2 generous uses. After you make your mask go ahead and relax with the sheet mask ( I leave it on until it dries myself). 

If you have any stickiness after just add water and pat it in again, this seems to help it fully absorb. 

With the clay mask just smear it on and let it sit until you can feel the edges starting to dry. I like applying it and scraping the majority off with                    before wiping the rest off with a damp rag.

Right now they only have the 7 day mask bundles but they routinely have 14 day sets that come with a cutesy headband to keep your hair out of your face. I like this brand myself and this link should take you to the brand page on the site so you can see what deals they have. My favorite is the rose mask. 

I am almost certain you can do the same thing with any ampoule or serum you have on hand as well so this isn't limited to sheet masks. There are also any number of different clays out there so experiment and find your skins happy place.