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Yes, I know. It has been more than 10 days but since tomorrow is day #11 it did seem a fitting title. So far I have missed a whole month of subscription boxes (technically I did do the unboxing of all three but I put them in a very wrong account and flaked on doing any of the actual reviews. Plus I got a what do you call it? the special birch box that it tells you whats inside but I bought it instead of choosing it and ended up getting it on the 31st (read: before the month it was for) and some awesome sheet masks and additional samples and a whole new subscription box that is like super valuable and everyone should get it and... I also didn't review. 

Give me a break though. This home school stay at home mom cloth diapering reviewing blogger sitch is an uphill battle. I don't really have time for anything and I know I need to get caught up on my stuff here but first I have to get my kids caught up on their school work and wow I have so much to tell you and I haven't even thought about finishing transferring all of my older reviews here. There will be new content. Heck after 2 years of doing this I even finally got a subscriber!!

So back to school. The kids are a full week behind on almost everything except math thanks to the school not sending the supplies out on time. We have been doing extra work to try to catch up but some of the lessons are so long it really drags the day down and once the kids are burnt out its basically game over for the school day because they simply know nothing at that point, can't prove otherwise.

OHH and I hate phonics. For one thing, my kid can read! He does not need to "fingerstretch" words or sound out every little thing by the letter but this is what they expect. Who cares if it's a whisper sound or a voiced sound? Why do we need to go over this 10 times per letter? Why does he have to pull his ear if he hears it? Also I apparently do not know my letter sounds. The symbols they use for them are no help either as I was not taught phonics but simply to read. Seriously a does not make the ahh sound? o does? I feel like they are treating him like a baby. oh and so much of the course is playng games online I am pretty sure they exceed that guideline of under 2 hours a day just on learning games. Enough venting though.. School starts in 6 hours.

Day 10