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So, it is 10 till Midnight and here I lay, in bed, typing to you. It's been awhile. Work is pileing up on me but my time has been robbed from me over the past few weeks. Did you miss me? I missed you.

So the title is sort of a misnomer. Yes, today was the first day of school but the last few weeks have been spent researching, and locating paper work and submitting and resubmitting documents in a frustrating blur that culminated at me blowing up on some guy in the enrollment department who was giving me attitude.

"You can't just take a picture of the report card and expect us to accept it."

"Yeah, that's why its not a picture which would be a .jpeg file when clearly what I sent in was a .pdf! You'd think someone working for an online school in the enrollment department could manage to notice the file type. No wonder this program has horrible reviews."

"Did you want me to cancel your enrollment?"

"No, I'm pretty sure if I wanted to do that I could manage to click the button myself." *click*

So magically ALL of my submitted documents were suddenly approved and my kids were full on enrolled... well as soon as they clicked a button on their end to accept not just our paperwork but us as well.

Unfortunately this happened 2 days before school started meaning I have No Supplies. They actually provide a ton of stuff for this program but as they expect you to have it and use it, It would have been nice to either start the ball rolling on the materials (at least have them ready to ship) or delay the start of their lessons but no! 

Damn it, I am falling asleep here I will write more tomorrow about today if I can find the time.

Ok so it is 7am, about the same time I woke up yesterday. So as I was saying, it was pretty hectic. For one thing I had a huge list of stuff for each kid to do and nothing to do it with. Patrick fixed us all a nice breakfast while I tried getting ahold of someone to tell me exactly how we were supposed to get work done that we didn't have and where exactly my materials  were anyway. All I found out is that my package had not been sent out yet and as a result I probably wouldn't be getting it for a week or two. Thank goodness I had bought a printer though even that was a friggin mission too since the first printer didn't work. Then the store I bought it at was closed so I had to go to Walmart. Being the day before school started, Walmart had of course prepared for the rush in the traditional fashion, by having only 3 registers open with lines going out into the store. Smh took me over an hour in the checkout line with my one item. It was still imperative though because some of the material was available online but only the science and math. 

So the day was spent finding the work, saving it, opening the file, then printing since you apparently can't just hit print over the cloud with a chromebook. That would have been way too easy. after printing something I had to help the kids with it. Patrick was getting frustrated that he didn't have as much work as his brother. Iziak was getting frustrated that he had too much work... and he doesn't like tracing... and his feet hurt. (that's an Iziakism for him feeling lazy) Jeremy was bothering me for more 'work' (read coloring sheets I was printing for him) every 5 minutes or so and I was feeling rather overwhelmed. I had called my mother the previous day to see if she would keep me company on the first day of school so I wouldn't feel quite so much pressure but she was 'busy' playing a bass fishing game on the computer so I was on my own. Mike calls and EVERYTHING just goes bonkers! The kids are running around yelling, no one is doing any work, the house is a mess, what with all the printer packaging and test prints and boxes and bookbags and crayons (cause they need those even in the house)  and the kids are just tripping over stuff and oh it's just a mad house but I'm not allowed to stress out about it because everyone keeps informing me that I've got it under control and its not that serious and I'm like Hello? What freaking planet are you from, this is my children's education! If I didn't think is was "serious" would I bother taking it all on myself?! (for more on the whys please click freaking out about school in the oddyties&stuff category under ramblings) 

So I didn't have many options then I saw the clock. Epiphany! It's Lunch Time!! So I let the kids watch a little Curious George whlie I made us some hot turkey club with colby sandwiches on bagels with some grapes which I proceeded to eat one handed as I printed out more materials. After lunch it was Jeremy's nap time which was great. Did I mention I use cloth diapers? Yeah, so just add that in there. 

The kids were still a little burnt out and I was still missing materials so I printed out some sheets of paper with the outline to make a cube (a total of 10 of them) called for recess and had the older boys running around on the small strip of grass behind our apartment while I proceeded to cut and paste a few cubes together for the assignment. The kids decided they would rather science than recess so they went in and grabbed notebooks and studied the ants and bushes until I was getting ate up by mosquitoes and had to send them in. 

We got the math work done and the kids got to make the rest of the cubes. That's wen I realized Iziak had 5 more assignments and Patrick had none. So I put him on abc mouse (they don't think that is work) and sat down with Iziak cause he will quit if you don't keep on him. Finally Mike got home but Iziak still had 2 pages left and I still had to take back the broken printer and there were still crayons on the floor and I still needed to make sure their work got put away and find my keys and ... yeah. so I finally got out the door and went to pull out onto a busy street (bumper to bumper it's 5pm) the car in front of me was let out then the light down the street turned green so everyone just went, pretty typical. The light turned red, everyone stopped again. the car in the left lane far enough back that I could pull out and take my left turn but the guy in the right lane... Pointing, laughing and intentionally blocking my way making faces at me. Ugly ass guy too with a beat up little car. I felt my sanity slip as my foot stomped on the gas pedal and T boned him right there. His car made a satisfying crunch. His wheels screamed as they were dragged across the pavement. The onlookers cheered as this asshole got his just desserts and the police believed my sob story of him waving me across before jumping in front as I went to cross.

Ok fine. That only happened in my head. I flipped him off and then told him his karma was going to get him killed he called me a bitch and waited there even once he could have gone at this point I DID HIT THE GAS but I had my foot on the break as I did it and yelled JUST TRY ME TODAY in my mean mommy voice. He about shit himself and then drove off while the onlookers waved me through traffic so I could finally be on my way. The store closes at 6. He almost made me miss it.

Well I have to go school the kids now.

Day 1


No Materials, No Help, No Worries.