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The Total Gym Saga:

​Day 1

I have received this product for free to share my opinion unless otherwise stated. From time to time I may even be compensated for my time. This does not change my opinion. I may include links that provide some benefits to me when you click them.

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Here it is a full week after my Total Gym was supposed to arrive, it finally did.

I was going to do an unboxing video but that didn't happen since my loving hubby was actually home and took point on getting it all out of the box. I'm not going to argue with help and he doesn't wanna be on camera so no video.

I will say though, incase you're the curious sort, that although the main gym is infact all put together, you really can't just pull it out of the box and start your workout. There is far too much packaging in the way and it took about 20 minutes to get rid of all the zip ties, cardboard, plastic and bubble wrap and another 20 to figure out all the parts and accessories. I will say that most of the accessories were easy to figure out and install. To be fair I have been watching infomercials and YouTube videos and reading reviews about this thing for the past 2 weeks solid. 

That being said I really have not looked at the exercise flip book, the exercise guide, or any of the DVDs I was sent and just went on memory and instinct for my first official workout which Probably lasted about 40 minutes because I am cruel and I like working out until it hurts, but I was taking it easy on myself.

I did try it on several different levels and decided that I will mostly start on level one and work my way up to fully get the most out of this.

Pleasantly surprised that it was both easy to use and I could really feel the workout even on the lower levels. There are still accessories I have not yet gotten to try but there is always tomorrow, or later.

I am serious about this weight coming off, this is not my body and I will not abide it. I likely will not be writing as much each day but I will be posting pictures of my progress daily. So sorry for the overkill on the photos but well, I want to see my progress too.

So here it is... The awful truth... Not sucking it in or trying to hide anything.

Yeah, don't look. 

No makeup, not even smiling, just worked out.

Kinda Scared to add the comment box.