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So... I got some new products from influenster and they asked me to specifically review these for you So here goes. 

I received these Gillette Venus disposable razors and some Violet Swirl Gillette Venus shave gel. Here is what I thought of them.

I have actually been a fan of the Venus line since I started shaving. I liked how they used an actual song for their commercials without changing and lyrics and the quality of products they put out.

To be completely honest as some of you know I don't actually use these kind of razors anymore but luckily for everyone these really came in handy when I was unexpectedly "kidnapped" for the weekend by a friend.

I have never been able to use the single blade disposables so luckily I had these since I did not bring my safety razor and all that stuff.

I have to admit after so long without using them this really did feel like a treat. The gel shaving cream smells amazing and really made a thick layer of shave cream with hardly a dime size used. 

It was a little different for me having to press down on the blade as opposed to just using the razor's weight but it did do a better job of getting the fine hairs from my upper thighs than usual. 

Forgive me but all my pictures are on my phone so I'll have to update this later to include them.